Harrison Bishop—yes, that Harrison Bishop—has saved humanity as we know it. 

After his discovery of The Episcopus Aerobium bacteria nearly a decade ago, Harrison has become an enigma of a man. Now credited with curing virtually every disease known to mankind and masked by his illustrious personality, this walking salvation has a deadly secret he has hidden away from the public eye in the depths his cellar. 

When Harrison acquires the business of his oldest colleague, Daisy Stone, the veil of his success is torn down to expose the ugly side of their utopia. Despite Daisy's notorious hatred towards Harrison and her infamous reputation of eradicating men who hinder her career, Harrison jumps at the opportunity to thrust himself into their forgotten world of debauchery, greed, and turmoil. As their lives come crashing together in a bloody wreckage, they must decide: who is the superior killer and who will outlive their war?